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Special Promotion on Whaley Three-Line Gradebook and The First Days of School Book

Back-to-School Promotion on these two useful teacher resources.


Ground-breaking Manipulative Introduced!

Fraction addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication clearly demonstrated!


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Dr. Frank's Bushiban School: Math Enrichment for Young Minds

Dr. Frank's Bushiban School is a special after-school program that has been established for teaching concepts of higher math that might not otherwise be presented in the school systems.

Dr. Wang with students in front of the Bushiban

The Bushiban doubles as a studio and a testing ground for the material being developed. It is my goal to ensure that the concepts of higher math are accessible to students of all ages. Mathematics is for everyone!

Students in the classroom with camera

Bushiban is Chinese for Enrichment or Review School. Such schools are popular in the Far East. Initially, I thought that students would balk at attending such a school, but such was not the case. One student excitedly asked after the first class whether the class could meet daily rather than weekly!

Student with studio clapper

Classes are held after school on a weekly basis in six-week groups. In this time period, we present the major concepts of one field of study. The school then breaks for a period of editing footage and refining material.

Students in classroom with hands raised

Attendance to the Bushiban is necessarily limited by size and time restrictions so admittance is based on a diagnostic test and personal interview. If you are in the Norman, Oklahoma area and are interested in your child attending Dr. Frank's Bushiban School, please contact Dr. Frank Wang

If your child is unable to attend the Bushiban, please take a look at our Products page where you will find the lectures for purchase in DVD format along with all of the necessary handouts for both classroom and homeschool use.