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Special Promotion on Whaley Three-Line Gradebook and The First Days of School Book

Back-to-School Promotion on these two useful teacher resources.


Ground-breaking Manipulative Introduced!

Fraction addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication clearly demonstrated!


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CMC - South Attendees

Keys to Successful Teaching Notes:

1. Provide students with a rewarding experience.
2. Get the students actively involved.
3. Review constantly, especially the fundamental concepts and skills.
4. Teach in increments. Break down larger concepts into smaller ones that are taught over time.
5. Test frequently and cumulatively.

Beauty and Mathematics Riddle Answer:

Click here for the answer to the Jellybean Riddle on the Beauty and Mathematics talk handout.

Special Promotion for CMC-South Attendees:

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Thank you for attending my talks. I sincerely appreciate the support and I hope that you enjoyed them as much as I did. You can reach me toll free at 1-866-DOC-WANG (1-866-362-9264) or by email.
-- Dr. Frank Wang