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Dr. Wang with Bill Nye

In what is sure to be known to future generations as "The Battle of the Bow Ties," the "Math Guy," Dr. Frank Wang, meets the "Science Guy," Dr. Bill Nye.

Dr. Wang with Martin Gardner

Dr. Wang with the legendary writer and mathemagician, Martin Gardner. Martin Gardner more or less singlehandedly sustained and nurtured interest in recreational mathematics in the U.S. for a large part of the 20th century.

"In 1978, as a freshman in high school, my uncle gave me a book of mathematical amusements and problems by Martin Gardner titled Aha! Insight. This book helped to spark my interest in mathematics. Recently, I discovered that Gardner is living right here in Norman, Oklahoma. I visited Gardner and brought him my copy of Aha! Insight to autograph." -- Dr. Frank Wang

Dr. Wang with E. D. Hirsch

Dr. Wang with E. D. Hirsch, author of books such as Cultural Literacy and The Schools We Need and Why We Don't Have Them and founder of the Core Knowledge Foundation.

Dr. Wang with Jaime Escalante

Frank with Jaime Escalante, the teacher whose remarkable story of successfully teaching inner city students calculus became the basis of the popular movie Stand and Deliver.

Dr. Wang with Diane Ravitch

Dr. Wang with Diane Ravitch, author of The Language Police. Dr. Wang appeared with Diane Ravitch on a panel discussion on The Politics of Textbook Adoption at the Cato Institute. Real Player is required to view the video.

Dr. Wang with the Cheneys and the Watts

Dr. Wang with Vice President and Mrs. Cheney and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Watts. Mrs. Cheney is a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and is involved in education policy.

Dr. Wang with Bill Bennett

Dr. Wang with former US Secretary of Education, Bill Bennett. Mr. Bennett hosted a luncheon for Dr. Wang at the Heritage Foundation on May 10, 1999. There Dr. Wang gave a talk on the K-12 textbook industry.

Dr. Wang with Danica McKellar

Dr. Wang with Danica McKellar, star of Wonder Years and The West Wing. Danica graduated from UCLA with a degree in Mathematics and is an outspoken advocate for mathematics education. Here Dr. Wang is pictured with her at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual meeting in April, 2000 in Chicago.

Dr. Wang with Kate O'Bierne

Here Dr. Wang is pictured with Kate O'Bierne, an editor with National Review and a panelist on CNN's The Capital Gang. She is pictured here at a reception following a talk Dr. Wang gave as the inaugural speaker for the Center for Education Reform's National Leaders in Education Reform Lecture Series in Washington DC on September 16, 2002.

Dr. Wang with the first lady in line

Dr. Wang's 2003 talk at the NCTM proved to be a popular event, with people lining up in advance to make sure they got a seat. Here, Dr. Wang poses with the first lady in line, who arrived 45 minutes early.