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Hamburger Mathematics

Dr. Frank's Math Minute gets sidetracked by Dr. Frank's lunch hour. Fortunately, even the hamburger joint next door is a math-friendly place. Join Dr. Frank for a burger and an explanation of Newton's Law of Cooling.

Click to download the High School worksheet for Hamburger Mathematics

Prerequisites: High school algebra through a study of logarithms (preferably through a study of natural logarithms although knowledge through just common logarithms is fine. A brief discussion of e is given in this handout.) Students who have taken 2 years of algebra should be able to understand this handout, conduct the experiment, collect data, graph the data from the experiment, determine the equation of the function that theoretically models the temperature of the object given by Newton's Law of Cooling, and then graph this function.

Click to download the Junior High worksheet for Hamburger Mathematics

Pre-algebra; knowledge of variables: knowing that a letter such as x can stand for a number; ability to square a number.

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