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Special Promotion on Whaley Three-Line Gradebook and The First Days of School Book

Back-to-School Promotion on these two useful teacher resources.


Ground-breaking Manipulative Introduced!

Fraction addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication clearly demonstrated!


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Strategy at the speed of light! Deflexion is an exciting, new game that combines lasers with classic strategy. Players take turns moving Egyptian-themed mirrored pieces around the playing field after which they fire their low-powered laser diode with the goal of illuminating their opponent's pieces, eliminating them from the game. Use the game to demonstrate geometry or physics concepts such as 90° angles, angle of incidence/reflection, and parallel & perpendicular lines. For 2 players ages 9 to 99.

· Innovative use of lasers and mirrors
· Simple rules that can be learned in minutes
· A lifetime of strategy possibilities
· Engineered for safety and cost using class II laser diodes secured in a board designed to keep the beam in the field during play
· A hands-on demonstration of math and science concepts

Deflexion .......... $44.95


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