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Below are some testimonials from students who have studied under Dr. Wang.

Fall 2003 University of Oklahoma Math 2433 Calculus IV
Fall 1990 at the University of California at San Diego as a Graduate Student Teaching Assistant
Spring 1989 teaching first semester calculus at MIT
View a video testimonial from a student in Dr. Wang's Spring 2003 Calculus III class
View a video testimonial from a student in Dr. Wang's Fall 2003 Calculus IV class

Fall 2003 University of Oklahoma Math 2433 Section 2 Calculus IV

"The tough material in this course was made exceptionally easier by the teaching methods of Mr. Wang. He encouraged us to do well and he produced a good-hearted feeling to the class. He made the boring course much more enjoyable through his jokes. I would recommend him to anyone that needed to take a math class."

"This is how every math oriented subject should be taught (straight to the point!)"

"Thanks to this instructor, the things I learned in calc I, II and III all became clearer. I found myself thinking "why couldn't they have taught it like that?"

"Wang is an awesome professor. He had a refreshingly different approach to teaching. I ended up having a very small amount of homework, but still learned more from Wang than in any other math class. Wang kicks a-- !"

"This course was a breath of fresh air in that it got down to the basics, and that is all I've ever wanted out of my courses. The class was straightforward "here's how you do it" and I like how I felt that Prof. Wang was "on my side" and wanting me to do well as opposed to other tenured professors who take pride in a class average of 45. <--- That is not what education is about!"

"Frank is by far the best math teacher I have ever had. I would not have made it through Calc 3 and 4 w/o him."

"You have to know your subject, understand it, like it and love it to be able to teach to others how to know it, understand it and appreciate it."

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Fall 1990 at the University of California at San Diego as a Graduate Student Teaching Assistant

"Mr. Wang's humorous methods in class actually make Calculus bearable. Though the jokes are a bit lame, they are certainly an enlightening part of the course. Mr. Wang is not a typical dusty "math nerd". As a math TA, Mr. Wang is exceptional, clearing up the tangled jungle of messy theory and inane lectures we go through in this course. He considers (or seems to, at least) the teaching of theory to those who don't care and don't want to know why certain obscure math rules are the way they are. In short, Frank Wang is a brilliant stream of sunlight piercing the otherwise dark, dark and dusty world of Calculus."

"-- ----- is my teacher and without Frank I would probably commit suicide. He has saved my life and now I can understand what ----- is mumbling about and what his lousy book is talking about. The jokes are great too !" (Editor's note: professor's name has been omitted.)

"Excellent TA, the only thing that saved my a-- from a bad professor. A true dude in a world of d----"

"Wanger is #1!!"

"Frank is a fantastic TA. The course would be infinitely more difficult and confusing if Frank had not been my TA. He teaches calculus in the most efficent way possible: he teaches what the student needs to know in clear, concise explanations."

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Spring 1989 teaching first semester calculus (Math 18.01 at MIT as a graduate student teaching the course as the instructor)

From student course evaluation guide: Lecturer Frank Wang is unanimously praised by his students for being clear, well-prepared, and friendly. He is noted for his ability to make concepts easy to understand and for his efforts to get students to learn the material. Although a few students mention that Wang makes some "corny" jokes, one person says this "shows he is a person and allows you to think of him as a more approachable professor."

Student comment: "Tenure for life as of now!"

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Airey Baringer took Calculus III under Dr. Wang in Spring 2003. In his words: "It's the best math class I've ever had before. He attributes this to the style of teaching. Dr. Wang's classroom is more than just standing at the board and lecturing. He really cares about his students learning mathematics.

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Phil Resnick was enrolled in Dr. Wang's Fall 2003 Calculus IV class at the University of Oklahoma. In this video clip he describes the relief of finally learning material that was made frustratingly confusing by his previous Mathematics Instructors.

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